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 Discriminates between healthy and glaucomatous eyes
 Predictive of visual field loss
 Tracks change over time
 Clear and intuitive reports
Stereo reproducible imaging
 Very comfortable
 A non-invasive procedure
 Resume normal activities
GDx™ – Precise RNFL analysis for glaucoma case detection, diagnosis, and management

The GDx provides highly reproducible, objective measurements of the RNFL, to detect structural changes early. It then compares these measurements to an age-stratified, multi-ethnic normative database, providing you with a unique visual representation. It also uses neural network techniques to calculate a unique Nerve Fiber Index (NFI) to determine the likelihood of glaucoma. A recent study found that the NFI can differentiate between normal eyes and glaucomatous eyes before visual field loss with sensitivity and specificity of 83% and 82%, respectively.

Healthy retinal nerve fiber layer Moderate retinal nerve fiber loss Severe retinal nerve fiber loss